High marks for Cairns


    At the March meeting of the Juan Cabrillo PTA, our parents resolved to tackle a nagging yet vital issue at our school. For once, the issue did not revolve around raising money or figuring out strategies to provide superior educational programs for our kids. Our problem was this: How do we let our interim Principal Pat Cairns know that she is truly appreciated and that the parents at Juan Cabrillo think she is doing a terrific job?

    So the motion carried that as president of the PTA, I should write a letter to the paper and tell Malibu what good fortune Cabrillo has had to be able to call Mrs. Cairns our principal. Mrs. Cairns, for all who have the privilege to know her, is a warm, encouraging, sensitive and enthusiastic educator. She inspires the trust of our students, the passion of our teachers and the faith of our parents. Starting her new job at Cabrillo in December, Mrs. Cairns hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped to take a breath. Her energy and commitment to excellence are inspiring. We have enjoyed watching her get to know the 400 children who learn there every day.

    This hasn’t been an easy year at Cabrillo. Losing Betty Glass who had dedicated so much of her last six years to Cabrillo was hard enough. The uncertainty and insecurity we faced when the district conducted their search for her replacement was tough on the parents who know how important a principal is to the vitality of a school. Speaking for the PTA, I can wholeheartedly say that Pat Cairns has been the answer to our prayers. Malibu is blessed to have citizens like Pat Cairns who care so deeply about the welfare of our children. Thank you, Pat! Please consider staying put and making your position as interim principal permanent.

    Heather Anderson,

    president, Juan Cabrillo PTA