Letter: Fighting for MHS

Letter to the Editor

We are all former students of Malibu High School (MHS) who have enjoyed playing, cheering, dancing and drumming under the lights on the athletic field. We were shocked to learn that someone(s) purposely cut the wires to the lights and tried to ruin the chance for current students to experience what we were lucky enough to enjoy throughout the last two years.

Who are these people and what is wrong with them? The lights are working to bring our community together and build school spirit. There were more than 600 people at the game on Friday night—students, families, staff and even some of the alumni signing this letter.  

The most disturbing point is what it says about our town. These people went after kids—our school, our friends and sisters and brothers. What possesses people like this to do so much to hurt so many? Why go after kids, education and our schools? We hope they ask themselves that every day.

We know that there is strong support in our community for our schools and that includes the football, soccer and lacrosse teams and the cheerleaders, drumline and dance teams when they play under the lights. The lights were always about us—the kids—and about bringing our town together.

We are asking the citizens of Malibu to support MHS. Please ask the adults who are fueling this fight to stop. Let’s show our community and other cities we are better than this. Let’s rally around our schools, our parents, our kids. Our resolve is the only answer to senseless acts of cowardice. 

MHS Alumni

Jane Sidley, Danny Sills, Hunter Johnson, Evan Anthony, Danica Downing, Kerns Churchill,  Elena Clarfield, Apollo Loomis, Wynn Jacobson-Galan, Nick Carlson, Kaitlin Johnson, Riley Smoller, Nick Anthony, Will Rosenthal, Karena Thompson, Cooper Barton, Brennan Cassone, Alden Quartz, Daniel Levin and Maddie Clarfield