Governor Signs Sen. Fran Pavley’s Groundwater Bill

Fran Pavley

A three-bill groundwater sustainability package was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown this week, including a bill authored by Malibu-area representative Sen. Fran Pavley.

Senator Fran Pavley, who represents the 27th district that includes Malibu, worked with Assemblymember Roger Dickinson on a legislative bill package to sustainably manage California’s groundwater.

The bills will initiate groundwater sustainability planning and programs for the most distressed groundwater basins throughout California by defining local responsibilities and giving local agencies the necessary authorities to manage groundwater and prevent overdrafting.

Prior to these bills, groundwater had not been systematically managed or regulated, despite making up about 40% of California’s water in normal years and up to 60% in drought years. Groundwater is being overdrafted, or pumped faster than it can be replenished, which causes sinking land, leading to the damage of infrastructure and increased costs for farmers and residents.