Valuing the vote

Tuesday, Nov. 3, was a particularly wonderful day to be an elementary school principal in Malibu. The voters in Santa Monica and Malibu once again overwhelmingly passed a bond issue that will help us serve our students and their families in the manner that they deserve. The four public schools in Malibu will also be able to offer new and improved facilities to the entire community. On behalf of everyone associated with Webster Elementary School, the other schools in Malibu, and the rest of our school district, I thank you.

For the teachers, the classroom aides, the custodians, the office staff and all of the other people who work in our schools, this vote has great significance. We see it as an expression of the community’s belief in the work we do every day. We try to work together with each family in the best interests of each child. We try to be open to suggestions and be flexible while at the same time establishing and enforcing high standards. We try very hard to work with groups and individuals in the community while asking for their support. These are all complex tasks and we understand that we will not always be perceived as positively as we would like. When the public has an opportunity to vote on indebting themselves to benefit our schools, we recognize that this will only happen if most people have confidence in the job we are doing.

At the same time, the vote for Proposition X reminds us of the high expectations our community has for its schools. Only the best is good enough for parents in Malibu. We wouldn’t want it any other way. We are committed to providing our students and our community with a genuine return on their investment in us.

I had the opportunity to make phone calls to a number of you in the weeks before the election and I want to apologize to the people whom we bothered during dinner or even during the World Series. I had many very enjoyable conversations, particularly with retired folks living in the Point Dume Club. It was so gratifying to hear so many people with grown children state unequivocally that the school bond was the most important issue on the ballot. In Malibu, maybe we are one of the few places where people are thoughtful enough to listen to the wisdom of our elders.

Again, to all of you who voted for Proposition X, thank you. We will do everything we can to continue to be worthy of your confidence in us.

Philip Cott


principal, Webster School

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