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Malibu High gets a two-story building nestled in the center of campus ….

Community leaders praise the stacked shipping container concept.

L-A’s sheriff comes out against a sanctuary state law.

And Donald Trump declares Malibu a disaster area


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Good morning Malibu!


The 1-0-1 Freeway is open again … after an overnight police chase ended with a crash at Kanan Road.

A car involved in a shooting in Ventura was chased all the way to Kanan Road.

The driver crashed there… no injuries.

The freeway has been reopened.


There was no opposition last night … a rarity … as the plans to start demolishing Malibu High School this summer and rebuild the 60-year-old school were finalized.

The board approved an 8-point-3 million dollar project to tear down the front of the school.

And it heard nothing but raves about plans to replace the 60-year-old old middle school building … with a two story structure made out of shipping containers.

No objections … and community leaders testified that they had seen the shipping container classrooms in Oak Park and loved them. 

They’re clean … easy to build as they virtually snap together … and look and function great.

Members of parents groups … like the PTSA’s Melanie Goudzwaard … said 10 years of delay are over.

GOUDZWAARD :17 QQQ: incredibly exciting. BEGIN QUOTE CART A.

“I what to do just the right thing to do. 

“It’s so good for the community, I think iI think its just great to see momentum and traction in our community — finally.

“We’ve been stick in the doldrums on so many levels for so long.

“We’re finally making headway,

“It’s incredibly exciting.” END QUOTE

And former PTSA Prsident Karen Farrer told the school board that demolishing the eastern end of the campus will get rid of the building that many teachers believe gave them cancer …

FERRER :22 QQQ: she thinks she will die. BEGIN QUOTE CART B.

“Please let’s go ahead with replacing that building.

“It makes me ill think that it’s a possibility that it could be reoccupied. 

“Nobody wants to go back into it …  students teachers.

“One of the teachers said to me … if anybody thinks I’m going back in the building … something to the effect … she thinks she will die.”  END QUOTE 


The demolition of the old classroom building at the east end of the Malibu High quad should happen this summer …. under a rush to meet a federal court order. 

The district’s Stan Barankiewicz told the school board that the 2-story building will be nestled between a bluff and existing two story buildings … will not block any views … and the lighting impact will be minimal.

BANKIEWICZ :14 QQQ:  no way of going up. BEGIN QUOTE CART C

“All the lighting … (is) installed in the canopies of the building, so all the light is directed down.

“And that way you get no sky glow contribution to about because you’ve got a lid on it. 

“It has no way of going up.” END QUOTE

The plan still has to be approved by the staff at Malibu City Hall .. and then it goes to the Coastal Commission in May.


Ventura County has lost its lawsuit aimed at blocking Broad beach landowners from sending 22 thousand truckloads of sand through a small town en route to replenish the beach in Malibu.

A Superior Court judge in Santa Barbara  has ruled that hundreds of trucks per day can use Grimes Canyon Road up to the 1-26 freeway … to loop around and avoid Moorpark when traveling to Malibu to replenish Broad Beach.

The Santa Barbara judge’s decision was reported today in the Ventura County Star.

Trucks hired by the Broad Beach Geologic Hazard Abatement District will haul sand … probably next fall … from sand quarries in Ventura County to Malibu. 

But Ventura County sued to object to that … and saId Broad Beach should have done environmental studies.

But Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Thomas Anderle this week largely disagreed, and upheld the legality of most of the agreement.

In fact … the judge said Broad beach can select its own route over the 20-year duration of the sand replenishment project.

The Broad Beach district may not even use the sand from the Ventura County quarries.has not yet settled on the Grimes Canyon quarries as the source of sand for the project. 

Ken Ehrlich, the attorney for the district, told KBUU news this week that there is still an option being studied … to bring the sand in by barge from a distant location that he will not yet disclose.

A final decision on where the sand will come from .. and how it will be transported … shouLD come soon … Ehrlich told KBUU News early this week.


You are listening to the latest news from Radio Malibu … 97.5 K B U.  ((( time  ))))


The top lawman in Los Angeles County is opposing a proposed state law that would make California a “sanctuary state.”

Sheriff Jim McDonnell has come out in opposition to a so-called “sanctuary state” bill .

He is also Malibu’s police chief.

McDonnell wrote a letter to California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles), who introduced the legislation.

McDonnell says the measure would block sheriff’s officials from safely transferring jail inmates with immigration violations to federal immigration agents. 

The sheriff says that forcing those agents into our communities in order to search out and find the person they seek was a bad concept.


President Donald Trump yesterday approved a disaster declaration for California from the January storms. 

The assistance covers emergency work and repair or replacement of facilities damaged from Jan. 18 to Jan. 23 in 16 counties, and hazard mitigation measures statewide.

L-A County is included. 

The presidential declaration means that the state and county are eligible for federal funding …. not only for emergency storm cleanup … but for ongoing repairs such as the overnight cliff repair work being done this month on Pacific Coast Highway in eastern Malibu … and the midday road closures for repairs on Malibu Canyon Road. 


This reminder … the Los Angeles Marathon will be run between downtown L-A and the Santa Monica Pier on Sunday. 

That will mean traffic implications for Malibu.

P-C-H will remain open the entire day.

But the California Incline will be closed to traffic Sunday.

Also … San Vicente Boulevard in Santa Monica and Brentwood will be closed.

Sunset will be open between the 405 and P C H. 

Expect heavy traffic on all the 405 and PCH… as the only north-south routes across the city Sunday morning will be the 101 in Hollywood … the 405  … and the PCH. 



Weather for the Malibu ….


Visibility will be reduced to one-quarter mile or less at times this morning due to dense fog across the Los Angeles County Coast.

It will be ((((    mostly sunny and 68  )))) degrees today on the beach … ((((    sunny and 80   )))) inland. 

Winds will be gentle. Downcoast breezes will be   (((   5  )))) miles per hour this afternoon.

Sunset tonight is at   ((((    7:02   )))).

After that … expect patchy fog after midnight … a  low of  ((((   56   )))) on the beach … down to  ((((  51    )))) in the canyons.

Tomorrow should be   ((((    much the same   )))).

After a sunny weekend … expect drizzle and maybe rain Monday … rain and cold weather later in the week.

Right now ((( 9:17am))) … it’s ((((    51    )))) at Trancas.

((((    64   )))) in upper Malibu Canyon.

And it’s ((((   54   ))) at Civic center Los Angeles. 

In the ocean … it’s ((((    59    )))) degrees in the water at Zuma Beach.

The lifeguards say the waves today are   ((((   2 to 3   )))) feet high …. 

((((   WNW swell likely trends down, strongest in the AM hours. Fair conditions  )))) 

Those are ((((  fair )))) surfing conditions …. according to the lifeguards.

(((((   Low tide was at 7:26 this morning.

A piddly high tide crests at 1:28.

Then a low again at 6:39.   ))))


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