Local author to sign books

Jackie Bridgeman with her dog.

Local author Jackie Bridgeman will sign and discusses the rerelease of her book “The Lonely Sky: The Personal Story of a Record-Breaking Experimental Test Pilot” at 3 p.m. on Sunday at Diesel, A Bookstore, which is located at 3890 Cross Creek Road.

The book, which is considered an aviation literature classic, tells the story of Bill Bridgeman (the co-author), a pilot who risked his life to push the frontiers of scientific aviation knowledge. After World War II, he joined Douglas Aircraft as an engineering test pilot and was soon asked to take over the final stages of the Skyrocket testing program. The Skyrocket, a javelin-shaped experimental rocket-powered ship, was a challenge to him. Bill Bridgeman died in an airplane accident in 1968.

Jackie, who married Bill after their book was published in 1955, is an experienced reporter. Although she had never flown, she has an extraordinary penchant for describing the technical aspects and the sensations of test flights in smooth, compelling prose.

She is the editor of “Huxley and God,” a book of essays published by HarperCollins. Until recently, she was the president of Malibu Stage Co.