Will the City Buy Malibu Playhouse? – Another blackout – Active Search Ends for Missing Woman in Malibu


Power goes out for 447 homes near Paradise Cove.

Malibu sees 1 inch rain in places by 7.

City talking about buying the Malibu Playhouse.

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Another mild rain storm… another Southern California Edison power outage.

Yet again .. yet another pole fire as heavy drizzle arrived before the major rainfall.

This time … a pole caught fire east of Paradise Cove caught fire at 28-7hundred PCH … just east of Paradise Cove.

Power went out for 447 customer accounts in the Paradise Cove – Point Dume area.

The Southern California Edison Company says the power equipment failed at 2:42 this morning.

It was supposed to be repaired by about 6:30 this morning.

Some houses have been restored …. and it appears the signal at Zumirez at PCH is back operating .

But many houses are still without power at 9a. And the estimated repair time … as crews work in the rain … now 2 pm.

One traffic signal blacked out.

The light at P C H  at Zumirez was dark at 6:30 this morning.

A sheriff’s deputy is at that corner … in case traffic need to be directed.

Until that happens … the darkened signal is a four way stop.

There is a formal complaint filed at the California Public Utilities Commission … over the inability of Southern California Edison to keep the power on when its lines get wet.

Dozens of power outages broke out last year … blamed by the power company on what they called extreme weather …  excessive drizzle.


From this latest storm … more than an inch of rain in some place … so far …

And by the end of the day we’ll get a real soaking from this one… maybe more than two inches of rain here in Malibu. 

Periods of moderate rain will be possible through this afternoon. 

As of 6-45 this morning … all roads open .

Malibu rain totals varied from two thirds of just over one inch. 

Leo Carrillo  .74 

Upper Decker .94

Zuma Ridge  .64

KBUU Trancas … one inch

Malibu Canyon  .65

Camp 8 / Las Flores .78

Gillette Ranch / Mal Cyn   1.08

Big Rock Mesa  1.14


Light rain is expected to linger over the area Tuesday into early Wednesday.

A smaller rainstorm will arrive Friday. 


In Santa Monica … be advised  that there was a police shooting on Pico Boulevard … on the east side of Santa Monica. 

A man was walking on the 10 Freeway … in traffic lanes … and he was chased by C H P officers onto Pico. 

The man had a knife and reportedly ran at C H P officers with the weapon. 

He was shot and killed. 

The Pico offramp from the 10 east may be closed through noon.


Malibu resident Lady Gaga was the star of the Super Bowl last night.

Her performance … outright political. 

“This Land Is Your Land” … and “Born This Way” . … both considered anti-Trump songs. 

300 drones formed an American flag … in a prerecorded bit. 

Lady Gaga owns a house overlooking Zuma Beach. 


Glendale police have suspended their active search … here in Malibu … for a missing 20-year-old woman.

Elaine Park was reported missing a week ago by her family. 

Her car turned up Thursday .,. parked on P C H near Latigo Creek.

Her personal property… like her purse and cell phone… were apparently left inside the car… leading police to believe this is a critical missing case.

Four bloodhounds and helicopters were brought in late last week to search for her.

“She seems like a pretty popular girl in the Glendale area,” said Glendale police Sgt. Robert William on Friday.

Saturday’s search began about 7 a.m. and concluded at noon, according to Glendale police Sgt. Robert William.

“At this time detectives will be re-focusing on family and friends,’ said William.

Elaine Park’s boyfriend has been described as very very helpful in the search.

Elaine Park is Korean-American, age 20, with a thin build.

5 foot 6 inches tall … 125 pounds … long brown hair with blonde tips … brown eyes. 

She’s known to wear heavy mascara and makeup and has a tattoo of a cow skull on her upper left arm area.


You are listening to the latest news from Radio Malibu … 97.5 K B U.  ((( time  ))))


Is the City of Malibu about to make two major land purchases ???


Looks like that is on the table. 

The Malibu Playhouse — at Point Dume —- and a 6 acre vacant lot next to City Hall that might become a skateboard park.

Both on the agenda for a closed-door meeting at City Hall next week. 

First … the Playhouse. 

It was sold just at the end of the year … the price somewhere around 5 million dollars. 

The new owner has been mum on plans for the Malibu Playhouse … and the land around it. 

Theater operations there have been continuing … on a month to month lease … 

It even hosted a City of Malibu cultural event last month. 

And a concert is in tap for this month. 

The 99-seat theater … is on P C H just west of Heathercliff … was originally built as a church. 

A nursery operation is also on the site … but the centerpiece is the theater. 

And now … the city is talking about buying it. 

On the eastern end of town … the 6 acres of vacant land next door to City Hall is also on the market. 

It’s called the Yamaguchi plot. 

City officials have been talking about buying it for use as a skate park … a parking lot … a city equipment yard .. or other use.

It’s six acres of flat land … formerly a nursery at the north end of Stuart Ranch Road …  

Both the Yamaguchi plot and the Malibu Playhouse are on the agenda for next Monday’s closed door city council meeting.

Malibu has about 26 million dollars in its reserve fund …. which was near zero a decade ago but has been built up as a rainy day fund. 

The city has a first class credit rating … despite having borrowed against future revenue to buy City Hall and the Trancas Fields recently. 

It’s not unusual for municipal governing councils to meet behind closed doors on real estate negotiations.

But past secrecy on the decision-making priority list  for buying real estate was an issue raised by city council candidates last fall. 


Also on the agenda … also behind closed doors …. the city council next Monday will evaluate the performance of its city manager … Reva Feldman.

Feldman has a year to go on her contract … but three of the city council members were elected last fall on a platform of change. 

Feldman has been in the job since longtime city manager Jim Thorsen said he would retire …. and then took a job in Colorado. 


Roohi Stack has resigned from the city Planning Commission.

She had served as councilman Lou MaMonte’s representative for more than four years. 

No reason given.

LaMonte … who has rotated into the mayor’s job … is to make his replacement appointment next week.

Roohi Stack’s departure will leave John Mazza and Mikke Pierson as the only planning commissioners to have any experience on the panel. 

The Planning Commission has enormous power in Malibu … deciding whether most projects get built … because practically every building proposal requires some sort of waiver or permission or another. 


In K B U U Sports … the Malibu girls soccer team beat Thatcher on Saturday evening. 

Score … 1 to nothing. 

That was for the varsity team.

The J-V girls soccer squad tied …. Malibu 2 Thatcher 2.

The Malibu girls hosted the games … which were played under the lights in an unusual Saturday evening game at Malibu High. 


Traffic …


Weather for the Malibu ….


It will be ((((   56  )))) degrees today on the beach … ((((   56   )))) inland. 

Winds will be strong. 

Downcoast winds will be   (((  20  )))) miles per hour this afternoon.

Sunset tonight is at   ((((    5:29   )))).

After that … expect it (((   rain   )))) tonight … the low will also be   ((((  56   )))) on the beach … down to  ((((  51   )))) in the canyons.

Tomorrow should be   ((((   60 percent chance of rain in the morning  )))).

Right now … it’s ((((    55 and light rain    )))) at Trancas.

((((    48 and rain    )))) in upper Malibu Canyon.

And it’s ((((    54 and rain   ))) at Civic center Los Angeles. 

In the ocean … it’s ((((    54   )))) degrees in the water at Zuma Beach.

The lifeguards say the waves today are   ((((   2-4  )))) feet high …. 

((((   New WNW swell. Onshore winds & problematic conditions develop, light winds early.  )))) 

Those are ((((  fair )))) surfing conditions …. according to the lifeguards.

(((((    Low tide is at 12:40 PM-

A piddling high tide is at 7:09 this evening.

Then … another high tide is at 11:54 PM    ))))


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