Planetary Themes for the Month of November

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.

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The planet Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio from Oct. 31 – Nov. 20. Avoid misunderstandings. Be crystal clear in communications. Major decisions are usually best postponed. There may be some unresolved emotional issues that come to the surface of consciousness. 


As Mars continues to transit Libra until the 18th, relationships and creating more balance in your life remain a priority. You can also be dealing with some heavy responsibilities during the first week of the month. On the 19th, a shift begins for you. Welcome to the emotional realm! Some adjustments with your finances are in store for you.


You can feel the urge to let go of any emotional baggage from the past and step positively in a new direction. Take advantage of new opportunities, expanding your consciousness or travel. There could be some unfinished business with friends or relationships from your past. There are some lessons to be re-learned. 


Personal relationships are highlighted. There will be opportunities to make new friends and expand existing relationships. You can be drawn to distant places and have an interest in travel. Pay more attention to your inner, emotional well-being. You can also have unfinished work-related matters that will require your attention. 


It will probably be a challenge juggling relationships and family-related matters through the 18th. There may be some unresolved issues with romantic partners or children in your life. On the 19th, a favorable shift begins for you on an emotional level. You can get better tuned in to your needs and deepen connections with others. 


Domestic matters are highlighted. You may be required to be more flexible in your relations with family members. This is also a time for focus on your work and accomplishing your goals. On the 22nd, you can begin to shift and feel more in your own element. Having more fun, social interactions and travel interests you.


Your emotional and sentimental side can dominate your thoughts. You can feel like re-examining past decisions or visiting places from your past. Be patient making decisions as your mind can change. This can be a favorable time for healing and transformation, and deepening the connections with significant others. 


You can feel ready to let go of any emotional baggage from the past and step forward into the future. This is a time for mental expansion, pursuing new opportunities or travel. When it comes to financial or relationship decisions, your judgment can be clouded. The fog can begin to lift during the second half of the month. 


You can feel compelled to work behind the scenes. Spending more alone time can improve your inner relationship through the 18th. Be more cautious with the handling of money and investments. On the 19th, Mars enters your sign! The tide begins to flow in your direction if you take action in the direction of your goals. 


Venus transits your sign from Nov. 1-25! You are in your high cycle for attracting more abundance, opportunities and the greater expression of love. Being practical is most important during the first half of November. You can be wearing rose-colored glasses. Opportunities are really knocking at your door during the second half. 


You will probably have some unfinished business with friends or acquaintances from your past. This can be a favorable time for improving your inner life and relationship. A shift begins for you on the 19th. It’s time to be more socially active. On the 25th, Venus enters your sign for the greater expression of love and abundance!


As Venus transits Sagittarius until the 25th, this is your time to shine in the social arena! Bigger doors of opportunity can open if you set your goals high and network with others. On the 19th, more activity can begin in your career area and achieving your goals. You will also need to be flexible if things aren’t going your way. 


You are prone to making clouded judgment decisions, especially with finances and relationships, during the first half. Take a closer look. On the 19th, a favorable shift can begin on an emotional level. You can get better tuned in to your needs and deepen your relationship bonds. You can also attract support or resources from others.