Kickin’ back in Cozumel

Pete and Libby Lippman stand in front of the sculpture for divers at Downtown San Miguel in Cozumel.

Longtime Malibu residents and constant world travelers Pete and Libby Lippman recently took a trip to Cozumel, Mexico. Their vacation included a 1,000-foot submarine dive, which allowed them to see many fish, a turtle, sharks and beautiful coral. “That is a good way to snorkel,” Pete Lippman wrote in an e-mail. “You don’t get wet, no sunburn, and your mask doesn’t fog up.”

The couple did some real snorkeling as well. They also enjoyed outstanding food. And on Pete Lippman’s birthday, they ate at La Veranda, with the menu including “perfect Caesar Salad, orange shrimp flamed at the table, and chocolate cake al a mode. Diets are now required.”

Pete Lippman also received a chocolate massage, which involves chocolate being painted on the person’s body with a regular house brush. Lippman wrote, “When he started, he asked if it was too cold, and I said, ‘No it was too sweet!'”