Diesel Officially Closes Malibu Store

DIESEL, A Bookstore

Diesel, A Bookstore, a local business that has helped publicize Malibu authors as well as play host to national literary celebrities, is officially shuttered.

Co-owner John Evans last night officially announced that the store, which first showed signs of distress in December 2013, was locking its doors one last time.

DIESEL in Malibu is closed…for now,” Evans wrote in an email to The Malibu Times.

In recent weeks, Evans has spoken out at City Council meetings and written a guest editorial the Malibu Times in support of the Reiner-proposed formula retail initiative, which many believe will strengthen the chances of independently owned businesses such as Diesel to stay afloat.

Co-owner Evans expressed his hope that Diesel may one day reopen somewhere in Malibu.

We will let you know if a viable location, with a reasonable rent, shows up,” Evans wrote.