Martin Sheen seems to be more popular than the good humor man in a heat wave these days and his selfless deeds don’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. After wrapping up a recent episode of “The West Wing,” Malibu’s actor/activist dashed over to the Globe Theater where he received L.A. Family Housing’s 2001 trophy.

    A few days earlier, Sheen was presented with the Caritas Award by Saint John’s Health Center. Friends, like John Spencer, and neighbors, like Monsignor John Sheridan, were on hand for an enthusiastic all-Sheen salute.

    The evening featured a retrospective of the actor’s impressive career. Even though the video tribute did not feature his start as a sexy soap star on “Days of Our Lives,” it did include his memorable performances in “Badlands,” “Wall Street,” “Apocalypse Now” and, of course, his latest role as President Josiah Bartlet on “The West Wing.” In addition to his extraordinary onscreen work, TV’s top chief was hailed for his on-going effort to promote social change on issues ranging from poverty to the environment.

    “He’s a remarkable human being,” Spencer told The Malibu Times. “Pure is the word I would use and that’s an unusual thing to find, not only in this town, but in one’s entire experience.”


    Speaking of the Sheens, here’s the buzz on big time man-about-town Charlie. The reformed party animal is reportedly ready to settle down and could take the plunge with Bond beauty Denise Richards. The two met on the set of “Spin City” and have been an item ever since. Stay tuned.


    Also from the bad boy gone good departmentRobert Downey Jr. is getting in touch with his musical side. After demonstrating his vocal abilities last season on “Ally McBeal,” Downey took the stage with rock ‘n’ roll royalty on the grounds of the lavish Paramour Estate in Silver Lake. Mr. D. held his own alongside superstars Sting and Elton John at the Silver Lining, Silver Lake concert to benefit the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic. He joined Sir Elton for his new release “I Want Love,” and Sting for the classic “Every Breath You Take.”

    In addition to applause, Downey got a warning from the Police man who said, “I’ll do a line and you do a line,” but we’re talking music here.