Get blight out of sight


    I was happy to see Marian Hall’s letter regarding a proposed “central park” for Malibu. Of course, that is a wonderful goal. What an inspired idea to have an esplanade from our gorgeous Bluffs Park down to the pier. But for the immediate future, how about considering a signage ordinance to remove the blight of unsightly commercial signs and prolific city ordinance postings. I’ll give a few examples.

    As one stands on the famous Malibu Beach, near the lagoon, taking in the beauty of the estuary and the mountains beyond, the glaringly ugly Shell sign interrupts the view, along with the dated and overwhelming commercial for the Wherehouse, Pet Headquarters, et al. Could there be anything more strident and out of touch with the surroundings? And for visitors to our community, trying to find the center of town, this is the monument of blight that they are instructed to look for.

    Even worse, driving across Malibu Creek, there are no less than 10 signs posted every 5 feet on both sides of PCH warning, “No Stopping on Bridge.” This is one of the most picturesque areas of Malibu, ruined by these thoughtless postings. The same message could be painted on the bridge handrail without disturbing the serenity of the view to the sea or the mountains as it does now. But the most blatant example of bad advertising has to he the Paul Bunyon-sized Malibu RV Park (flip-side) Pritchett-Rapf sign at Pt. Dume Plaza. Fortunately, it was blown half way down in the last winds. I pray they won’t build it again, but the only way to be sure of that would be to pass an ordinance requiring all signs to be at a lower level and of similar size and color.

    Malibu could do well to take a lesson from our neighboring cities like Santa Barbara and Montecito. There’s a cohesiveness there that is easy on the eye and that translates to the perception that they are communities with intelligent public planning and concern for the environment. Don’t we have that same intelligence and concern here? Malibuites unite! End the blight. Make your voices heard.

    Claudia Taylor