Letter: A Tale of Two Beach Cities

Letter to the Editor

Rosarito, BC, was devastated by a wildfire less than two weeks ago. Their city budget is a fraction of Malibu’s, yet Rosarito City has provided free medical exams to victims and opened a special document center to replace birth certificates, drivers licenses and deeds. They provided large tents to shelter rebuilding sites. Volunteer businesses and students are cooperating with the city in clearing toxic ash. Construction is underway, and the city expects to rebuild within a year.

Malibu bungled an “evacuation,” actively forbade volunteers and businesses from helping during and after the fire, provided paltry relief and needlessly harrassed victims trying to return to their home sites. A year on, Malibu has issued a monumental 34 building permits, but not one occupancy certificate. 

Ah, but the city did manage an anniversary bash to pat themselves on the back. They really believe they’re doing a great job, and just can’t understand why people are upset with them.

Try looking 20 miles south of the border. And then ask Lilly’s why they didn’t provide free food for the big bash.

Peter Higgins