Smoking mad


Are you kidding me? Prop. 29 fails to win voter support? The California voting public just got scammed by the tobacco company’s media blitzes. Congratulations to all of you California’s smokers. You can now pay one dollar less for your pack of cigarettes and when you inhale make sure that you do so deeply and get all of those cancer causing carcinogens in your lungs. I really don’t have a problem with what you put into your body but I do have more of a problem with what you exhale, second hand smoke.

That’s enough of picking on the smokers, now let’s talk about all of you non-smokers that bought into the “No” on Prop. 29 campaign put on by the tobacco companies. All I can say to all of you is “Shame.” Each and every one of you had the opportunity to financially stick it to these companies that have been and are now selling products that are costing the lives of thousands of Americans each year. If each and every one of you would have bothered to see who was behind these ads that in itself should have been a big red flag.

In addition to the above comments let’s go down point by point not covered by the tobacco’s ads.

There was to be a one dollar tax on each pack of cigarettes sold in California. There were no additional taxes to be paid by you or anyone.

If that additional one dollar tax on each pack of cigarettes would discourage anyone, including kids, from buying that pack of cigarettes, then I say it would have been worth it.

The tobacco companies are the only ones in business that knowingly sell products that have been proven to cause many health problems for users.

The money generated from this proposition was to go to cancer research and anti-smoking ads. What could be wrong with that? I would like to add all you non- smokers had better wake up.

Pete Haynes