Street Talk

Photos by Julie Ellerton / TMT

“How does it feel to be back in school?”

Annabelle Waldinger, second-year “Bumblebee,” St. Aiden’s Preschool: “Good, I like feeding the chickens and playing, and seeing the bunnies.”

Dante Maximilian Santangelo, second grade, Point Dume Marine Science School: “Good, I like seeing all my friends and playing!”

Esme Bolander, fifth grade, Webster Elementary: “It’s not that great to wake up early. We have to be at school at 8:45 but we have to get up at 7:30 to catch the bus. The best part is getting to see my friends after not seeing them all summer.”

Josue Garcia, sixth grade, Malibu Middle School: “Good, sometimes in the summer you do nothing and in school I can do lots of stuff; play, have fun, talk. My favorite is P.E. I also go to the Boys & Girls Club after school. I skateboard there and do homework.”

Kea Lani Kerbox, second-year “Bumblebee” at St. Aiden’s Preschool: “Good, rest time is my favorite because it feels good.”

Lucian “Lucci” Santangelo, kindergarden, Point Dume Marine Science School: “It feels good. Recess is my favorite and doing my homework. If we be good we get to do three recesses. I like that”