Letter: Unheard Voices

Letter to the Editor

I strongly agree with former mayor Walt Keller’s admonishment and grievances that he stated at the city’s 25th anniversary observance in March. He claimed that Malibu has gone astray and has not lived up to the Vision and Mission Statement. Past and current Malibu residents have fought — and continue to fight — to keep Malibu unique and not build all over hillsides and open spaces. Andy Warhol said it best: “I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want to own.” 

I vote in every election, however I do not feel the city council is listening to me, nor a majority of other voters in this city. I’ve been feeling that my votes are being wasted, and, as elected officials, the city council should be ashamed that I feel this way. It seems there is rampant overdevelopment of new housing and projected stores in Malibu, yet there are many buildings and homes vacant for lease or sale. Common complaints include too much traffic, too many cars and not enough parking. Now, Measure R and its appeal seem to be going by the wayside.

I can’t even take my shoes to be repaired or my clothes to be dry-cleaned because I can’t park at Cross Creek, Point Dume or other areas that get completely gridlocked. We need to balance the needs and desires of the residents who live here and pay taxes with those of the people who visit. 

I will vote in the next election, I just hope our city leaders will listen.

 Carol Hahn