3 Easy Design Tips to Deep Clean and Organize Your Kitchen

3 Easy Design Tips to Deep Clean and Organize Your Kitchen

(StatePoint) Over the last year, our kitchens have become a place where we prep for an important presentation, help with schoolwork, cook meals together and laugh with friends at a virtual party.

All this time in the kitchen can also mean it becomes the catch-all room for everything and everyone, making now the perfect time to create a functional space where items are easily accessible and organized with your routine in mind. From your refrigerator to that messy junk drawer, follow these DIY kitchen organization tips to revamp and refresh this part of your home.

Design an easy-to-use (and clean) layout. Cooking at home more? You’ll want to clean and organize your fridge to make snack time and meal prep easier. Start by removing every item from shelves and drawers and toss any items that have expired. Once it’s completely empty, give your fridge a deep clean, especially in those sticky back corners.

Before you return the items, place a water-resistant liner like Clear Classic EasyLiner on the shelves to add an extra layer of protection. Its smooth surface makes cleaning up a breeze when there are leaks and spills. Think about your most-used items, like snacks and veggies, and place them toward the front so they are easy to see and grab. Storing these foods using clear, labeled containers will help you track inventory and keep food neatly in order.

Upgrade your backsplash. Tired of white walls in the background of your virtual work call? One easy and affordable way to instantly elevate the look of your kitchen is to decorate with removable wallpaper or DIY peel-and-stick vinyl.

From polka dot to vinyl wood, choose a pattern that speaks to you. Then, stick the adhesive vinyl to a kitchen surface—the side of a kitchen island, the wall behind the sink or cabinet panels. Once you’re ready to switch things up, they peel off easily, so you’ll be ready to go for a different look! Another tried and true option to brighten walls is paint. Use a quality painter’s tape to tape off a design you love, then paint over it. Peel back the tape to reveal a DIY design you’ll adore.

Create a clutter-less junk drawer. Everyone has that one, or even two, drawers in their kitchen that house random items that accumulate over time. Master unwanted mess and add functionality and style to your junk drawer with a little organization.

First, pull everything out of the drawer and toss anything that’s broken or you simply no longer need. Next, line the area with Original Grip EasyLiner to keep your mail, important notes and utensils in the right place while protecting the surface from scratches. Once you’ve purged, add small compartments and drawer organizers to give the misfits of the kitchen a proper home.

If you have limited space, use a wall-mount storage rack or over-the-cabinet organizer to free up drawer space and keep items within easy reach.

For additional tips or to find the right organizational solutions, try the EasyLiner Guide or visit DuckBrand.com.

Once you’ve completed these simple tips and tricks in the kitchen, you’ll feel refreshed and organized to take on the day.

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