Take the tension out of travel


Sheila Cluff, nationally known fitness expert, knows how to take the travail out of travel. She often covers more than 100,000 miles per year, escorting Health Holidays on cruises and tours worldwide.

The downside of air travel is that it can be tiring and often tension-filled before you reach your destination. Below are five tips Cluff offers to make the journey easier.

€ Drink plenty of water before, during and when you arrive at your destination. The body can override the signals for thirst, which means one puts off drinking water. Lack of water inhibits the body’s ability to function well. Today, bottled water is accessible almost everywhere; nevertheless, pack a few bottles in your carry-on bag just in case of an unexpected delay.

€ Layer your clothing. If your luggage is lost, at least you can switch around your outfit. Or, if you do as I do, carry a lightweight change of clothes. Wear wrinkle-free and wash-and-wear fabrics. I prefer roomy slacks and jackets when flying. I also pack extra stockings and a sweater. If you wear clothes with a tight waistband, rethink this. An elastic waistband is far more comfortable on long-haul flights.

€ While in flight, don’t stagnate. Move around, get up and walk the aisles as much as you can in the limited space available without annoying other passengers. Circulation can slow when sitting more that a few hours. Take advantage of flight changes and walk briskly around the airport.

€ Be snack happy. While healthful food choices on airlines is limited, it’s important to think ahead. Instead of candy bars and oil-and-salt-drenched potato chips, pack plastic bags of trail mix, healthy muffins, veggies and fresh fruit. Request a vegetarian meal or fruit salad. Avoid coffee and alcohol, which disrupt your internal time clock

€ Travel defensively. Be prepared for unscheduled delays. Bring along a good book, pack prescriptions and grooming essentials. And leave a copy of your itinerary with friends and family.