LA County COVID-19 Rate Lowest Among Nation’s Big Cities

New Coronavirus Cases Per Week in Malibu

Nearly five-and-a-half million LA County residents have been at least partially vaccinated against the novel coronavirus as of data from Friday, June 11, with the majority of those—4,668,783—fully inoculated. That means 65.9 percent of residents ages 16 and up have gotten at least one shot (while 56 percent are fully vaccinated). Malibu’s numbers continued to trend below the county’s average, although they have risen slightly in the past two weeks. As of June 11, 57.1 percent of Malibuites—or 6,283 people—have gotten at least one shot, up from 55.5 percent two weeks previously. In the week from June 8–14, 2021, two additional local residents tested positive for the virus. The total number of cases confirmed in Malibu is 447, with eight deaths attributed to the viral disease.

“L.A. County is in a better place than any other metro area of similar size in the entire nation,” the LA County Department of Public Health wrote in a press release on Tuesday. “Each day, on average, only 1.5 cases per 100,000 people are diagnosed in LA County, compared with 2.8 cases in the same population in the New York City metro area, 2.9 cases in Chicago, 3.5 cases in Atlanta, 5.3 cases in Houston and 9.1 cases in Miami.”