Letter: Rolling Down PCH

Letter to the Editor

Hello ‘Bu, I’m Tony down the PCH from you in the Pali.

Just a couple quick things:

It’s probably a failure of the educational system, but some of you never learned the “red means stop” lesson. I live in the mobile home park with the signal. We got the signal (in the words of a Cal-Trans official) because “you finally had enough people die crossing PCH”. At least 12. When you accelerate when you can clearly see human beings crossing, that would be a “no no.” Also a nearly $1,000 ticket and a point on your license. Obviously most of you paid attention in school. I’m looking at the others. Here’s another incentive to respect human life. Our law enforcement have no problem issuing $20,000 worth of tickets in a half-day of enforcement. You make it so easy. 

That’s it. Have a great summer Bu’ites!

Tony Lynn