Where to place the blame


    Our sympathies go out to would-be home re-modelers and others like David Visher who cannot get Coastal Commission permits at this time. However, any anger or frustration should be directed to the appropriate decision makers who have forced this situation upon our City of Malibu. The decision makers who helped create this mess include Governor Gray Davis, State Senator John Burton of Marin County and the former Speaker of the Assembly Hertzberg. They were prodded into “getting Malibu” by Coastal Commission Director Peter Douglas and former Chair Sara Wan among others.

    Our City Council and staff absolutely need to fight all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary, the State’s unconstitutional assault upon a local government’s right to democratically author and enforce its zoning, planning and building laws. We should not let the State force us to make houses invisible from PCH and other public roads, prohibit white paint, non-native landscaping, horse corrals, and other aspects of our rural residential life styles.

    Direct your frustrations and comments to above State officials as well as the current Speaker of the Assembly Herb Wesson. It is time to call off the spending of our precious little State revenue on defending the unconstitutional and blatantly wrong Coastal Commission LCP actions against the City of Malibu, its residents and visitors.

    Dr. Bruce Lockwood