Positive approach to homeless


Amanda Bruce

I would like to address the self-alleged, bleeding heart liberal and author of the “Get tough on transients” piece featured in your paper of April 21. I am also a very lucky resident of the Malibu Colony and of this community who values peace, beauty and serenity. There is also not a day that goes by, sitting on my deck watching the dolphins swim, that I do not realize and appreciate how incredibly fortunate I am.

Sir, there are over 600,000 people in this country alone that are homeless. Of this shocking statistic, 36 percent are children. The problem you feel you are facing has more to do with America’s corrupt, obtuse, morally bankrupt President and his evil administration. They do not have an agenda for these unfortunate members of society. I do not wish to politicize this letter too much, but also this is the root of the homelessness problem. The Government simply does not care, as dealing with this issue does not buy votes or line the pockets of said vile individuals. They have their own personal agendas. I am afraid.

You mentioned the disgusting amount of trash in our shopping areas. You must take this up with the owners of our shopping centers. This is a private property matter. As far as our police are concerned, well, we all know they are far too busy pulling over us law-abiding citizens for not having a front license plate on or other infractions equally mindboggling. It is amazing to me what ample amounts of tax dollars can buy-over-zealous harassment.

I am genuinely sorry to hear about the unbelievably frightening experience your friend had encountering a transient in her home. However, we all have a responsibility to guard our own homes as diligently as possible.

The comments made of cutting the frequency of buses en route to Malibu were truly unconscionable. Shame on you! Students, local employees and disabled residents rely on public transportation. Also, it is my belief that these words could not have been written by a bleeding heart liberal. I do not buy it. Liberals are, fundamentally, environmentalists who would certainly be in favor of public transportation over mass pollution.

It is a very sad fact that the majority of the homeless community does drink heavily. I am not sure I blame them. If I were living on the streets, night after night, I would probably want to numb my senses as well. To advise members of this community not to give money to the homeless was wise, but not for the reasons the author cited. We do need to help them. I choose, and encourage others, to give them McDonald’s (or similar) gift certificates as opposed to cash. This way the recipient can have a warm meal, at least, and the giver is not fostering an addiction. I always have plenty in my glove box and hand them out every single day.

To be socially responsible is to recognize a problem, like our homeless crisis, and to do something about it at the appropriate level. To simply dismiss these people by adopting an egregious “not in my back yard” attitude does not help their plight. Pushing the homeless to other areas less salubrious does not obviate the need to try and rectify this epidemic.

So, Mark Borenzweig, I am so very sorry your quest for living in Utopia must be muddied by the unsightliness of human beings less fortunate than yourself, but also please remember, these people are still human beings with needs and feelings. It is nice to be important, yet it is more important to be nice.