Letter: Student Scare

Letter to the Editor

Tuesday, Aug. 19, was the first day of school. It can often set the stage for a successful or painful year for new and retuning children. With the current environmental issues facing some of our schools, it has been said that there will be protests and efforts to keep kids out of school. While we support the right of anyone to voice their opinions and certainly do not pass judgments on any parents decision, we would ask however, that anyone planning on protesting or demonstrating – please respect our children and do not scare them.

Please make your point in a compassionate way, which underscores your concerns, and does not cause undo stress and anxiety for children and parents that have chosen to bring their kids back to Malibu High School or Juan Cabrillo Elementary.

Some families have intense personal tragic connections to diseases and death, many which appear in materials being distributed by advocates for toxic-free schools. Many parents are new to our district, and some children are coming to the elementary and middle school for the first time and are experiencing great anxiety. We honor your rights, we only ask that you show our school community respect and kindness — and in turn, we will listen to your voices and your ideas.

Kim Bonewitz and Seth Jacobson