City holding “Day with out a bag” this Thursday

Brandon Boyd of the band Incubus holds a reusable shopping bag for Heal the Bay's "Day Without a Bag Day"

City officials are urging Malibu residents to give back to the environment this Thursday when the Malibu takes part in the annual “Day Without a Bag.” The City of Malibu, which banned single use plastic bags several years ago, will be encouraging residents to use reusable shopping bags throughout the year by giving away free reusable bags at Malibu City Hall.

The free bags will be available at the reception area, Senior Center and at the City’s Holiday Party while supplies last, per a city press release.

“The City’s ban on plastic bags is one of myriad ways that Malibu has delivered on its determination to clean, preserve and protect our environment, especially our ocean and marine life,” Mayor Lou La Monte said. “This is part of our legacy to future generations.”

The Day Without a Bag event began under the auspices of Heal the Bay in 2007, and has since grown into a statewide event. Single-use plastic bags harm the environment as they do not biodegrade, instead breaking down into tiny pieces of toxic waste that enter the food chain by contaminating water and soil.

For more information contact Rebecca Nelson at the city’s Environmental Programs Office, 310-456-2489 x286,