Total disagreement

The following letter was hand delivered to Steven A. Amerikaner, Malibu city attorney.

Thank you for your letter dated September 5, 2000. Unfortunately, given the short notice, we will be unable to attend the meeting on September 11, 2000. We also believe that it would be inappropriate for us to appear in order to discuss the Malibu Right to Vote on Development Initiative since by doing so we would be in a position of potentially revealing attorney work product and attorney-client privileged information since we participated in the drafting of the initiative on behalf of our client. You note in your letter the statement that if another person would be more appropriate to appear that we should forward the letter to that person. We understand that Fred Woocher will be in attendance on behalf of the proponents.

We note for the record, however, that we have reviewed the impartial analysis and the August 15, 2000 memorandum concerning the initiative and disagree entirely with the analysis and conclusions in those documents.

Ronald B. Turovsky

Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

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