World-class surfer opens The Spot

Winning surfer Pascal Stansfield doesn’t just ride waves, he is the wave of the future, according to businessman Mitchell Stewart. That’s why Stewart offered to fund Stanfield’s dream of opening a surf shop/clothing store/juice bar/teen club in a space adjacent to Stewart’s Malibu Inn at 22969 Pacific Coast Hwy.

“Pascal is the ‘Fonzie’ of Malibu,” declared Stewart, owner of First City Funding in Calabasas. “He’s a trendsetter and he’s got a huge local following. This shop is about giving the place back to the locals.”

Five years ago, Malibu native Stansfield was ranked second in the nation for his surfing prowess. A year later, Ezekiel, a company specializing in skateboarding and surf gear, offered to sponsor his “lifestyle,” enabling him to go on surfing jaunts around the world each month. And when the shop opens on June 21, the 24-year-old will add the title of “managing partner” to his list of successes.

Stansfield and Stewart first met when the surfer’s band, FaceHumper, asked to play at The Malibu Inn.

“They brought in the largest crowds. There were so many cars, it would block the PCH,” Stewart said. “But even when there were 500 kids in here, there was no security problem.

“Malibu is a very special place. People are like family here. It’s a close-knit group,” Stewart continued. “The kids show a lot of respect when they come to hear bands here.”


The only problem Stewart saw was that there was no regular place for youth to hang out. “They’re privileged kids with no privileges,” Stewart said.

When Stanfield mentioned his unique shop idea to Stewart, the businessman jumped at the chance to support the youth of Malibu directly, as well as bankroll what he determined would be an assured hit.

“Pascal has great leadership style and charisma,” Stewart said. “These young kids are cutting-edge. They’re in the driver’s seat to steer the whole scene. They’re not following; they’re creating.”

He added, “I’ve always contributed to charities, and it’s cool to write checks, but it’s really exciting to help out directly.”

The shop will feature merchandise including high-end women’s fashions, trendy men’s fashions for 13- to 27-year-lds, wet suits made by Japan’s Rash and by Hurley, fashion magazines and a juice bar with healthy fare. At night, it will turn into a music club where bands can play, kids can dance and just hang out without feeling they’re in an adult domain.

Stewart and his wife, Nurit, bought The Malibu Inn in November 2002, “simply as an investment,” he said, but quickly found the emotional payback in becoming part of Malibu.

“I’ve only been in the area for three years, but I hope to be considered a local at some point. I feel like I really belong here,” he said.

Marcus Sumner rounds out the establishment’s managerial team. Sumner also has a strong sense of pride about the community where his family has resided for more than 50 years. “Malibu is unique,” said Sumner, general manager of The Malibu Inn. “We’re not all rich and spoiled like some people stereotype us, but we’re very loyal to the community. No one famous will draw more of a crowd than a local band.”

To commemorate the grand opening, The Spot will host a Beach Block Party on June 21. The poster for the event boasts a party area of two acres off the Malibu Pier, several local bands, an Ezekiel pro skateboarding demo, a bikini contest and fashion show, and 500 pounds of barbecue. The event will start at noon, continuing until sundown when the party will move inside. The entrance fee will be $5, with “all ages welcome.”

Stansfield sees The Spot opening in the most appropriate place on the planet.

“Our Surfrider’s Beach is world famous. Surfing is a way of life,” he said. “In the 1950s and ’60s this was the hub of fashion. It’s a happening place for style.”

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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