Letter: High Holidays

Letter to the Editor

To every story, there is the untold part. Consider this: Hidden within the ordinary are nature’s miracles. We are blessed to experience this daily in Malibu. When we pause and take note of our beautiful surroundings, it can evoke deep thoughts and strong emotions.

Yet, although the miraculous is always unfolding before our eyes, often we have no sense of spiritual movement inside our beings. Personally, when I reflect on this, I pray for an open heart.

This Sunday night, Sept. 9, marks the beginning of the Rosh Hashana, a time when Jews of all backgrounds will be “dialing in” to the spiritual side of reality. When we make the “call,” we all desire to feel our inner spirit. But our lives are inundated with “static.” It seems more and more difficult to get a “conversation” going with the soul i.e., our true inner being.

Fortunately, the simple Sound of the Shofar (ram’s horn) which marks the highlight of the Rosh Hashana service, tells a deeper story if we are only willing to “listen.” It’s a reminder of the profound, pure simplicity of our soul, our inner life-force that shines with beauty and unconditional love.

The Shofar’s opening tone is then followed by broken-up sounds—a reminder how even when we are broken within, there is always an open channel to our truth. It’s a reminder that even when one is feeling callous, the true sound of our soul is constant and available.

Rosh Hashana is a reminder that your present and future is bright. The sound of the Shofar is here to evoke and rejuvenate our clear and unbroken connection. If we allow ourselves to reconnect with our inner truth, we will experience a joy that is so profound and peaceful.

Rabbi Levi Cunin

Chabad of Malibu