Accentuate positive


I just don’t understand Susan Tellem’s letter last week that criticizes Ken Kearsley for pointing out that V. Gerald Scordan is not registered to vote in Malibu, nor does he live here. I think those facts go to Mr. Scordan’s creditability. Readers of his letters have a right to know that he does not live here, vote here or probably participate here, making his criticism of the Legacy Park a bit suspect. In fact, environmental groups like Heal the Bay, outside agencies like Regional Water and the vast majority of Malibu residents, like me, support the new park. All of these groups have participated in the planning of the project. I doubt Mr. Scordan has ever attended a meeting.

Instead of answering Ken Kearsley’s suggestion that she has consistently opposed Legacy Park, Ms. Tellem attacks him for having access to the voter registration list. During her unsuccessful campaign for City Council, I received a letter from Ms. Tellem that began, “Dear Fellow Republican.” I assume she could have only known I was a registered Republican from that very list. I don’t understand why it is OK for her to use that information and not others.

I acknowledge that Mr. Kearsley has been my neighbor for over 40 years. During that time, he has served the neighborhood with zeal. For the last eight years as a City Council member, he has served Malibu with integrity. Sadly, over the years, I have read Ms. Tellem’s letters and they always seem so angry. I wish she would work to positive ends and join with so may others who support Legacy Park and want to make Malibu a beautiful peaceful place to live.

Marian Houghton