No buts about it


My family moved to Malibu seven years ago. Our primary reason for coming to Malibu- the schools. Success or failure of California public schools is directly tied to the city and the community that support the institution and the families they serve.

We want city council members that have demonstrated, in talk and deed, a commitment to family and community, council members who would be proud when their citizens do not have to leave Malibu for their “family entertainment.” We want council members that have been leaders and actively involved with all the local organization we support-our schools, PTA, the Boys and Girls Club, MFYF, AYSO and Little League.

All of the candidates have stated their support for all things school, family, and community. We ask you to look carefully at their experience, their record of involvement, and very closely at their ‘buts.” By “buts” we mean “I support the park, but; I support Safe Walks to School, but; I support the school, but.” These “buts” tend to be deal breakers, the excuse of the day that in the end really amounts to little support for the needs of our family and our community.

We are a young city that continues to redefine itself, we must continue to attract young families looking for strong schools, a sense of community, outstanding city services, and a local government that focuses on services and infrastructure that protect the life, safety, and health of all citizens. If you want a community where senior citizens and young families alike will be able to call home, we strongly recommend a vote for Laura Rosenthal and Lou La Monte.

Colleen and Michael Baum