What CAN can’t do


Political ideas and their open exchange are governed by standards of fair play, and I am concerned that the CAN group opposing M may be breaking the rules with regard to the measure. State and city campaign laws require full disclosure of contributions to committees that support or oppose ballot measures. The CAN group has failed to file as a political action committee with the state or the City of Malibu. CAN continues to conceal the names of their donors and the size of their campaign contributions by failing to file required reports.

CAN is spending a campaign war chest in our city elections without telling us who they are and who is paying for the campaign. This strikes at the core of our public dialogue concerning the critical issues that will shape the future of Malibu. The purpose of the Municipal code is to prevent big money interests from “buying” a city election in Malibu.

The campaign in opposition of Measure M is being generated by a group lacking in accountability. At a time when critical decisions face our city, we need compromise and unity to enact environmental policies that will achieve our collective goals and are not formulated by unlawful manipulations of elections. This is an issue of fairness, and the situation should be addressed by the FPPC. CAN’s apparent disregard for campaign laws at all levels casts suspicion on the level of accuracy of their claims.

Les Moss, treasurer

“Yes on Malibu”