Letter: Caring For Charmlee Park

Letter to the Editor

I surely miss the days of a much cleaner and cared-for Charmlee Park, with our friendly custodian and his family. Since the park swap a few years ago, I’ve seen the gradual neglect of this beautiful open space. Visitors to this park with “majestic ocean views” (Santa Monica Conservancy webpage’s description) have also noticeably increased over the past few years. This Easter weekend was no exception; families, couples and groups of young people were there trying to enjoy its beauty and serenity. However, the unsettling sight of overfilled trash bins near the picnic areas, not to mention the restrooms that apparently haven’t been cleaned since God-knows-when, was simply too much to take. It reminded me of third world places, where these sad sights are not uncommon. It is ironic that while the parking fee has remained the same, the lack of care and maintenance at Charmlee Park is affecting its recreational uses. If the SM Conservancy is incapable of properly maintaining Charmlee, then the operation should revert to Malibu.

Sandra Kornuc