Letter: For formula ordinance

In California alone: Ojai, San Francisco, Sausalito, Sonoma, Benicia, Arcata, San Juan Bautista, Pacific Grove, Coronado, Calistoga, Solvang, Carmel, with more coming, all have highly successful, effective and fully legal formula ordinances as law in their cities.

Upheld in court, a formula ordinance is legal and constitutional in California. Malibu can’t allow loud chest pounding with fictitious claims by a handful of developers, who fear that Malibu might actually grow a backbone, to stand in the way of following our own General Plan. Their mall-mentality is burying Malibu, destroying the rare character of this incredible town. We all know it, we all see it and we’ve had it!

Residents, if you want a truthful count of percent of retail chains in each Cross Creek mall —just go count them yourselves. Irrefutable! Solid facts at our city, on record, have confirmed the need for this ordinance for more than two years. There’s a good reason this ordinance has moved forward at our city. Bullying is not tolerated in schoolyards; it must never be allowed to dictate our city laws.

Malibu is long overdue for this formula ordinance to be implemented on our books. City Hall, make this ordinance right and get it done now!

Nancy Kearson

Steve Rucker

Janet Hirsch-Ettenger

Remy O’Neill

Debbi Stone

Bruce Dunn

Bibi Jordan 

Carol Moss

Candace Brown  

Helen Zoloth  

Arthur Zoloth

Carol Gable

Bill Sampson

Mari Stanley

Mace Stanley

Judi Hutchinson

Rosemary Sampson

Sally Benjamin

Hanz Laetz  

Carla McCloskey  

John Mazza

Caytlyn McCloskey

J. Flora-Katz

Andy Lyon

Frank Angel

Brian Eamer

Julie Eamer

Diana Mullen

R. Matheson  

Ilene Stotte

Barbara Fish

Pam Conley Ulich

Robert Heinz

Sally Dunn

Kim Ledoux

Elizabeth Heinz

Patt Healy

Carol Moss

Kerry Beth Daly

Kathy Zatarga

Colette Brooks 

Julie Tobias

Gigi Goyette

Richard Gary

Elsa Gary

Cris Beaty

Nicki Jack

Graham Penniman

Amy Povah  

Linda Gibbs

Alicia Sky Kunerth  

Richard Lawrence

Barbara Lawrence

Gill Sharp-Randall  

Susan Tellem

Meredith Lobel Angel

Fiona Angel

Wendy Clark

Michael Osterman  

Hamish Patterson  

Sal Fish  

Barbara Short

Merrilyn Romen

Levanah Shell Bdolak

Lauren Peterson

Robin Spivack

Lawrence Weisdorn

James Mitchell-Clyde

Jane Coben   

Robby Mazza

Marshall Coben  

Dabney Day

Linde Schmidt

Kelly Persson

Deb Norton

Garrett Eamer

Bruce Rays

Miriam Birch Pennington

Jason LaBerge

John Adams  80

Felicia Martinez       

Jim Haynie

Maggie Causey 

Jenifer Meissner 

Linda Castellucci

Mike Gacad

Sue Gacad

Vicky Arnold 

Grazia McEwen

Bernard Resnick  

Rheta Resnick 

Ellen Cooper

Cindy Vandor 

Ash Adams

Ron Vandor 

Chris Benjamin

Gaby Morgerman

Jeffrey Charles 

Cort Day

Claudine Book  

Molly Ross 

Beryl Scoles

Ann Karam

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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