Keep in touch with electees


With the elections over and the beginning of a new legislative session, I want to urge everybody to continue to be actively involved in the democratic process by writing to their elected officials. Besides voting, one of the most important acts a private citizen can do is contact their representatives. In our democratic republic, the people elected to represent us should and need to hear from the citizenry often.

It is our duty to tell them what our opinions, needs and our values are so they can do their job. Our great democracy is this country’s proudest asset. And we as citizens are responsible for keeping our democracy vibrant, alive and healthy,

I challenge everyone in our community to get more involved in government and politics and write a letter to one or more of our representatives. Whether your biggest concern in the war in Iraq or the speed limit on your street, write your appropriate representatives and let them know. And please urge all your friends and neighbors to do the same.

As a former legislative correspondent for a U.S. congressman, I know from firsthand experience the impact constituents’ letters have on our elected officials. Your concerns set the agenda. Writing letters reminds your official that you are there and holding them accountable.

I am launching a campaign to motivate and encourage people to contact their representatives. Contacting your elected officials is really the best way to get your voice heard by those that can make the changes. Please do your part and contact one of your elected officials and let them know where you stand. It could make all the difference in the world.

George Christopher Thomas