Malibu Seen

Broadcast pros Leyna Nguyen, Wendy Burch and Angie Kraus deliver the good news at Castle Kashan. Photo by Kim Devore/TMT


There was breaking news at the Castle Kashan where Malibu’s queen, Lilly Lawrence, held court with some of the L.A.’s most famous newscasters and TV types. Lovely Lilly hosted a “Hats Off” kick-off party for the newly formed Good News Foundation. The organization was founded by longtime reporter Wendy Burch with a little help from locals like Fox 11’s Dorothy Lucey, as well as familiar faces Ana Garcia, Pat Harvey and Christine Devine.

Speaking of divine, Christine looked down right regal in a strapless cranberry colored bubble dress and black rosette headgear. “Isn’t it wonderful,” Lilly observed. “All these ladies dressed to kill in all these fabulous hats? It’s like Ascot at Kashan.”

Of course, Lilly didn’t look too shabby herself. She greeted her guests in a show-stopping Tatyana Peter chantilly lace mini, towering Lucite heels filled with sparkling Swarovski crystals and a dazzling diamond and angel skin coral choker.

Lilly’s sumptuous surroundings were equally enchanting. Her antique silver urns and Baccarat crystal vases were heaving with yellow posies (lilies, of course) fluffy hydrangea and cheery sunflowers.

Outside, Richard Chesterfield and his crack team of caterers made the rounds with mission figs and goat cheese while his chefs whipped up a feast fit for a king.

Well-brimmed guests, including iconic Kelly Lange (in red), toured the castle grounds, the Elvis room and presidential library while Lilly and Dateline NBC’s Josh Mankiewicz reminisced about the Kennedy days.

There were chapeaus of every imaginable shape and size-pillbox styles, veiled versions, beanies, berets and bonnets.

The few gents in attendance went topless. Sandwiched in between Malibu Seen and another giddy reporter at the almost all-ladies-lunch, my husband was feeling like the odd man out. Fortunately, ever-clever Lilly made his afternoon by announcing the day’s best hats as well as a new category for best shirt (his!).

But the good news was about to get even better thanks to Wendy and her field reporting pals. “We are all out there standing side by side and a lot of the time it’s bad news,” said Helen Kumari. “We thought this is something we could do to bring good news.” The new group is coming to the aid of Schools on Wheels which teaches homeless children living on skid row. “We are not just the ladies who lunch,” Wendy said. “We are the ladies who work in the community. Our mission is to help those who are in need and those at risk. This gives us an opportunity for us to give back and show we can make a difference.”

The Good News Foundation is setting up a scholarship fund in honor of Ruth Ashton Taylor, a broadcasting pioneer who was lauded for being the woman who “paved the way for all of us.”

After a successful afternoon it was clear good news was off to a great start “There’s never been a group like this that crosses over station boundaries,” Helen Kumari explained. “We can be fiercely competitive in the field, but working for the good of others is something we can all get behind.”

While the news is good, the best is yet to come. On November 3, the foundation will hold a high-flying fundraising event at the Santa Monica Airport’s Hangar 8. Stay tuned!

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