So your voice can be heard


    If you’ve ever awakened to the intrusive sounds of construction on a weekend morning — read on. You know the sounds I refer to: hammering, drill saws, electric sanders, land movers, the noise of constructive vehicles, etc. While construction is not allowed on Sundays here in Malibu, it is, however, permitted on Saturdays. That is something many of us would like to see changed. (Other communities, such as Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach do not allow any type of construction on the weekends.)

    One of the reasons many of us choose to live in Malibu is for the relative peace and quiet. After working in town all week — subjected to all sorts of noise — isn’t it nice to come home to Malibu for a quiet weekend — that is, if you don’t happen to be within earshot of any type of construction project (something that will, sooner or later, affect all of us).

    The topic of banning Saturday construction is scheduled as part of the Malibu City Council Meeting on Nov. 23, 1998. I urge anyone who agrees that construction in Malibu is best left for Monday through Friday to let their thoughts be known. Write to the members of the Malibu City Council (Harry Barovsky, Tom Hasse, Joan House, Walt Keller, Carolyn Van Horn at 23555 Civic Center Way) and express your support of the Saturday construction ban. Or better yet, plan to attend the City Council meeting (at Hughes Research) on Nov. 23 at 6:30. This is exactly the sort of decision that will directly affect us all and it is our responsibility to let our voices be heard.

    Thank you for your support.

    Kay Patterson