Photos: Vital Zuman Hosts Festival

Malibu landscaper and musician Meg Cole checks out the festival before performing. She plans on performing at the Summer Soulstice Festival in June.

Vital Zuman hosted the Malibu Earth Dreams Festival on Saturday. Vendors selling a variety of goods and artwork displayed their work in the open marketplace while local musicians performed throughout the day. An array of delicious farm fresh item were available, such as figs, mulberries, juice, sauté greens, lettuce, beets, zucchini, herbs, edible flowers and raw honey. 

Owner and operator Alan Cunningham was inspired to create a gathering place for visitors and community members. He said, “Real farms are also authentic, social and seasonal, calendars for the community. Having feasts at the beginning of each season, and inviting all community members. It tells us all that a new season has just begun, demonstrated, in this case, by the kinds of earth and agricultural activities the farm is doing.”