Letter: Safety Now

Letter to the Editor

I sent letters to our Malibu City Council, urging them to intervene with desperately needed emergency access on PCH after another death.

I only heard back from Mayor Pro Tem Laura Rosenthal and Joan House, who both stressed community involvement. I hope my words will also get others involved.

The 21-year-old woman recently killed after she got out of her car on PCH near Paradise Cove, and was struck by another driver, has only us to speak for her now.

No other highway with as much traffic as PCH seems to get the chronic lack of attention regarding its pedestrians and drivers. 

If we had a larger emergency lane for parking, or walking, perhaps this never would have been a murder and accident site that I will never, ever, get out of my mind.

Every time I pass that site, I still see her body left on the ground, for over six hours. I am begging us all to help now so her death is not completely senseless.

Please call on the City Council and have them urge Caltrans to increase the pedestrian safety margins along our incredibly busy highway.

With 12 to 15 million visitors in Malibu each year, and the popularity of our beaches, this is a tragic situation we are doomed to repeat unless we act.

Paul Joseph