Letter: Enough of This Nonsense

Letter to the Editor

In response to “From the Publisher: Quick hits,” published on Oct. 10:

Publisher Arnold York’s belief that this year’s [Supreme Court] session is bound to be  a “very tough one” is emblematic of the fundamental flaw with progressive democrats and the media. Pardon the redundancy. As an attorney, Mr. York presumably expects the justices to rule by applying the facts of a case to the Constitution they have sworn to uphold, letting chips and opinions fly and fall as they may. What is so special about the LGBTQ crowd that should require a deviation from what is supposed to be business as usual? President Trump’s predecessor overstepped his constitutional bounds by creating DREAMers in the first place. It was not for BHO to decide who comes and who stays. We have laws for that. The reason Justice Roberts is likely to be a swing vote is that, in my view, he lacks intellectual and jurisprudential integrity. The back flips he used to rationalize the constitutionality of Obama care defy description. And that is but one example. 

It has become plainly, painfully obvious that liberals do not care about the Constitution, due process, facts or much of anything else, save what they want. Anyone who could argue that there are more than two sexes (sexes, people, not genders) can hardly be taken seriously by any adult in full possession of his faculties.

Unfortunately, Mr. York has developed the habit of clapping on “one and three” while the rest of us are on “two and four.” Enough with the nonsense; let us return to the days of journalism … please!

Steve Jones