Reward Cornucopia


I am amazed that the Malibu City Council is still not supporting the Malibu community in reissuing Cornucopia the right to continue the Farmers Market as it did for six years running.

Cornucopia has, for years, provided a valuable community service in not only running a successful and enjoyable Farmers Market, but in their service to our children at the Environmental Learning Center at Malibu High School. Have they not gone out yet and seen the classes that are being given at the center? I have participated in many of their events, from my sons’ Boy Scout Troops Restoration Project, to worm farming projects and composting classes. Cornucopia has provided an educational outlet for people in our community who are interested in learning more about our environment and how to protect it. My sons’ Boy Scout troops thoroughly enjoyed helping Cornucopia restore the creek and are much more aware of how easy it is for us to destroy or restore our earth.

I know I have written letters to the council that seem to fall on deaf ears. Why would they open the market up for bidding to outside groups who will just take any profits out of the community, when Cornucopia has given so much to us. They do not have to do that, they could just give the permit back to Cornucopia where it belongs. I challenged the council to participate in just one class or restoration project that is now being taught at the Environmental Center. Perhaps if they were to get more involved in their own community supported programs they wouldn’t be so eager to bring in outsiders.

Marla Antinoro