Victims of Corral Canyon fire awarded restitution


Brian Alan Anderson, William Thomas Coppock and Brian David Franks, the three men held responsible for the 2007 Corral Canyon fire, were ordered to pay $22,862,685.64 in restitution on Dec. 1. In court, 11 families testified about their lost or damaged properties, rebuilding costs and relocation expenses. Judge Judith Spears instructed Anderson, Thomas and Coppock to pay $15,607,560.97 to the families and $7,255,097.67 to the state. Families that were not available to testify were not awarded restitution.

Anderson, 25, and Coppock, 26 were charged with felonies in connection with the crime, while Franks, 30, pleaded no contest in 2008 and received a lesser charge. The fire destroyed 56 homes in Corral Canyon.