Favors ousting the ins


Councilmembers Jeff Jennings and Ken Kearsley have launched their City Council reelection campaigns, by attacking Ozzie Silna. In the eight years that Ozzie Silna has lived in Malibu, his contributions to our city have positively impacted the lives of almost every family in Malibu. As you’ve learned in the last couple of weeks, Ozzie has supported everything from Malibu businesses, Malibu youth baseball teams, Malibu schools, to our Malibu churches and synagogues. This year, when Mayor Ken Kearsley needed funds to support Malibu’s program to adopt a group of soldiers who had been sent to Iraq, the first person he called was Ozzie.

Yet now, in a desperate effort to get reelected, City Council members Jeff Jennings and Ken Kearsley have decided to do whatever it takes to trash Mr. Silna’s reputation. Which brings me to the point of this letter, which is, we deserve a better City Council. And, you can help.

Before you go to the polls this April, ask your current City Council members a couple of questions. Ask them why they supported the Malibu Bay Company Development Agreement when five Malibu Planning Commissioners, local environmental organizations and 60% of the voting residents said they were wrong.

Ask them why they secretly pulled a citizen prepared LCP from the Coastal Commission in June of 2000 and then joined with the commercial development community to support a rapid-growth development agenda in a battle with the same Coastal Commission. Ask them why Malibu has spent an estimated $2.5 million dollars on consultants, lawsuits, employee overtime, travel expenses and lost opportunities to fight this Coastal Commission battle, with no results and with more legal costs to come.

And ask them why they believe that spending millions funding Sacramento consultants and lawsuits, is better than putting these funds into our local schools. Then ask yourself, why you would ever want to reelect these guys?

Steve Uhring