Low Morning Temperatures and ‘Gusty’ Winds Expected in SoCal

National Weather Service

Malibu residents can expect chilly morning lows and “gusty” winds in the coming days, and are urged to keep all pets indoors, according to the National Weather Service’s (NSW) Los Angeles branch.

The NSW posted two weather maps of expected morning lows for Southern California on Twitter on Wednesday, Feb. 5. The preliminary record low temperatures were the result of a “very cold air mass,” according to the NWS.

Morning lows for Malibu were 37 degrees and 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Nearby Woodland Hills was depicted having lows as cold as 33 degrees and 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Windchill is not a term we use often here in #SoCal, but it was significant early this morning in areas exposed to NE winds—and will be again tonight,” the NWS tweeted. 

The NWS warned Southern California residents that it would be “very cold,” and that they should be prepared for the coming weather changes.

“Make sure your pets (and livestock) have shelter,” the NWS wrote in another Tweet posted Feb. 4.

In addition to low temperatures, Malibu residents can expect “gusty” Santa Ana winds around 40 mph in the Santa Monica Mountains and up to 25 mph elsewhere in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Windchills in the Santa Monica Mountains are expected to be in the low 20s, according to the NWS.