Rosie revived

We were moved and yet disgusted to read the letter by Rosie the dog. Rosie, you should be giving that animal vigilante lots of licks because in my opinion they may have just saved your life. Would you rather be picked up by a shovel on PCH where you have been splattered by a vehicle, or an animal vigilante (who has devoted their life to animals).

Based on Rosie’s letter, we have come to the overwhelming conclusion that Rosie’s human is really clueless. We regularly stop for animals out on a jaunt. That is because someone who loves them might be looking for them and they are potentially endangered by automobiles. Many of these animals have no identification tags and we are faced with the choice of taking on yet another dog ourselves, delivering them over the hill to the pound where they will be killed if not claimed or adopted, continue to let them roam further endangering their lives, or take them to a local animal vigilante for safe keeping until the owner can be located or the animal can be placed in a loving home.

Regarding Rosie’s puppies, we kindly ask anyone who allows their dog to have puppies, purebred or not, to visit any animal shelter. Walk through and look into the eyes of these precious, loving animals as they make eye contact with you almost piercing your soul. They want a loving home desperately and for each person who passes them by, it brings them closer to an unfortunate end. Tell us if you honestly believe that having your friends adopt your pups instead of one these poor dogs in our overcrowded shelters is the right and humane thing to do. If you still think so, try watching as a confused dog receives an injection that closes their eyes to this world for the last time and there are no more tail wags and licks and smiles. There is also overwhelming evidence that spaying and neutering protects animals from many diseases as well as may prolong their lives!

Rosie, we are very happy that you love your human, but you have a few very important things to teach them. You should not be allowed to wander on your own. You must have ID tags to avoid unfortunate incidents. Post flyers around the area where you live when you are missing. Finally, you should help save the lives of your friends by not having puppies. You and your human should be eternally grateful to the animal vigilante who just may have saved your life and prevented your pups from being orphans. I hope in some way you can understand the plight of those who devote their lives to and love animals.

Jack Anthony and Christie Carr

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