Patriots or Rams?

With eager anticipation of the upcoming Super Bowl, students in Ms. London’s class spent the day Friday in “Super Bowl School”, and celebrated their respective teams with their very own Super Bowl Party during lunch.

Although the local team may be the Rams, one local teacher (and perhaps a number of her students-both past and present) will be rooting for the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Kristina London, 5th Grade Teacher at Webster Elementary School, does teach in Malibu, but grew up in Maine…and her New England roots are strong.  Each year during football season, she takes advantage of the opportunity to incorporate football Into her lessons.  And as a diehard Patriots fan, Pats wins are always celebrated with “Popcorn for Patriots” in her classroom.  That tradition just happened to be started the year the Patriots had their 16-0 season.  Coincidence?  She doesn’t think so! 

This year is extra special, as her team plays the local team in the Super Bowl (just five short months after the two cities went up against each other in the World Series).  To say there’s buzz in her classroom about the big game would be an understatement.  For that reason, she felt like she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to host a day of “Super Bowl School” on Friday.  Combining her passions of teaching and the Patriots, she planned an entire day around learning and football.

Lessons covered all subject areas including…

-Writing (Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T.-how to write an Expository/Opinion Essay)

-Math (Roman Numerals, Line Plots & Bar Graphs, And Percentages Oh My!-how to figure out which SB it is, graphing which teams have the most SB wins, and calculating team winning percentages)

-History (Boston vs. LA-understanding the most monumental sports rivalry of all time)
-Science (Deflategate Debunked-understanding the Ideal Gas Law and how it might influence PSI)
-Media Literacy (Savvy Slogans-exploring how slogans (specifically those of the Patriots) come about, their purpose, and how they can motivate a team and rally the fans behind them)
-Reading (Inspirational Poetry-exploring the stanzas of “Good Timber” by: Douglas Malloch, the theme behind it, and why it might be so meaningful to Tom Brady)
Ms. London also enlisted the help of one of her room parents, Michael Prockiw, who worked tirelessly throughout the week to plan and coordinate the most amazing Super Bowl Party for the class during lunch, complete with decorations and food representative of both Los Angeles and New England.  Many parents in the class jumped in to help by baking and cooking to make the special celebration possible.  Some of the tasty menu items included…
-LA Fare
(In N Out Burgers, Dodger Dogs, Fresh Vegetables)
-NE Fare
(Dunkin’ Donuts, Boston Creme Pie, Fluffernutter Sandwiches, Clam Chowder, Pats! Pasta)
To cap off the day, students were treated to special surprise visits from the mascot Pat the Patriot (an inflatable), and a Tom Brady lookalike.  They also got to watch a couple of brief hype videos to get them even more excited about the big game on Sunday!
Regardless of which team her students root for during the Super Bowl, Ms. London hopes her class learned a lot during “Super Bowl School”, and had fun while doing it!  Go Pats!