Extra help in emergency


The Malibu Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Mr. Brad Davis, has organized a medical disaster team comprised of physicians and their staff who have their work place and practice in Malibu. However, in order to respond adequately to a large-scale emergency, one medical team working out of one site in Malibu is not enough. Due to the long distances within Malibu, several medical emergency treatment sites are needed.

In order to staff these sites, the City of Malibu is planning to expand the medical disaster team to include physicians, nurses and other medical personnel who live in Malibu but who do not have their work place in Malibu, or who live in Malibu and are retired from active practice. Mr. Davis will keep the names and phone numbers of these medical professionals on a confidential list, and these individuals would only be called upon in a large-scale emergency. As it is currently planned, during such an emergency, these health care providers would be dispatched to a treatment site close to their homes.

Medical professionals on this emergency preparedness list will not be required to attend meetings and, except during emergencies, there will be no extra demand on their time. In exchange for volunteering for the medical disaster team, the members will receive an identification card, which will allow them to enter the City of Malibu, even if the roads are closed for other residents.

I sincerely hope that the many professionals in the medical field who enjoy living in Malibu will help out when their fellow residents need them. In order to add your name to the list and to be included as part of the medical disaster team, please call Mr. Davis at 310.456.2489, ext. 260, or send him a fax at 310.456.3356, or e-mail: bdavis@ci.malibu.ca.us.

Sieglinde Morrent-Swerdlow, MD