Planetary Themes for the Month of April

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.


Your inner passion and enthusiasm motivate you to take steps in a new direction. The urge is for more freedom and travel out of your comfort zone. On the fifth, Venus enters your sign for the greater expression of love and your artistic side. Some new money opportunities can manifest by the middle of the month.


The fifth is a good time to turn within and spend more alone time. Some self introspection can bring an improved mental and emotional outlook. You can express more creativity and be urged to pursue new opportunities. Avoid being impulsive in the process. Focusing on others and relationships brings more balance.   


There is a lot of activity in your life through the fifth. After the fifth, money matters can take on more importance in your life. You can also feel the urge for making some purchases or investments, and creating more stability. Some financial opportunities, potentially on a large scale, can come to fruition by the 17th.


You move into a more favorable cycle on the fifth for your social life and networking with others. Make sure you are more visible in public and at social gatherings. You can attract affluent people and financial opportunities in your business or career. Health and fitness goals can be achieved. Get outdoors more.


If you feel burdened with work or responsibilities, this can begin to shift after the sixth. The expression of freedom and independence is important to you. Think things through carefully before acting on impulses. If you are feeling bored, you are ready to make some new and positive changes in your life. You can go far this month.


Higher education and expanding your knowledge can take on more importance after the fifth. You may feel like exploring new areas and travel. You are in your own element for achieving financial or investment goals through the 17th. You may feel the urge to eliminate some expenses or unwanted baggage in your life.


You will be better able to take charge and make some decisive moves or decisions after the fifth. Personal relationships can get energized and move in a positive direction through the 12th. You are open to new experiences. Remember to keep your boundaries with others and draw the line. Your needs are equally important.


This is a time to question your true motives, desires and what matters most to you. You may have some blind spots when it comes to money or investments. Over optimism could get you in trouble. Seeking guidance from others after the fifth can yield some positive results. Someone can have some practical advice for you.


Accomplish as much as possible by the 17th. After the 17th, it will be time for you to take a step back and re-evaluate your actions. You can have some blind spots when it comes to family or domestic matters. Take a more objective look. Try not to run away from your feelings. There is something internally that needs to be expressed.


You remain in a favorable period for expanding your mental and emotional outlook. Be willing to communicate your feelings clearly to others. After the fifth, you move into a new cycle for money and investment opportunities that can come to fruition by the 17th. This cycle will repeat again at the end of the month.


Your social life can continue to expand through the 17th. After the fifth, take advantage of new opportunities to make new friends and acquaintances. Doors can open up through your social network. Your mind can also be filled with new ideas that want to be expressed. This could lead to a breakthrough around the ninth.  


You remain in a cycle for manifesting and the greater expression of love through the fifth. After the fifth, the focus can shift toward expressing your talents, and discovering new and original ways to increase earnings. Try to stay focused on your career goals. Avoiding unimportant distractions will help you go far this month.