Build Malibu Better: Resilience Ideas and Opportunities

Paul Grisanti

Summer has apparently arrived as the June gloom departed on Saturday night. 

On Monday, June 3, the planning department reported 113 full fire rebuilds with no more than a 10 percent increase in home size were in the application process. Another 25 applications from owners who want a more than 10 percent size increase and are willing to forego the accelerated processing are also in process. That is 138 homes out of the 463 that burned. That leaves 70 percent of the fire burnouts unaccounted for.  

What is holding the rest of you fire survivors back? Have you found an architect? Shopping for a contractor? Dealing with a very obnoxious insurance company?

How can I help? Call me at 310.505.5006 with story ideas or information requests.

The Malibu Chamber of Commerce and the Malibu Foundation are exploring the idea of cosponsoring a series of meetings for the building trades and homeowners to accelerate the “Getting to know you” process.  The meetings would be held on a weekday between 5 and 8 p.m. with a hosted buffet dinner and a no-host bar. The first meeting will probably be at Duke’s.  Call Barbara at the Malibu Chamber 310.903.6016 or watch this space for updates.

People are starting to receive mail from an organization called “Together for Dwelling Size Fairness” that reflects the impact of a proposed city ordinance that the Malibu Planning Commission will unveil at their July 1 meeting. Each mailer includes an aerial photo of your property and the impact of the council proposal on the usability of that specific lot. It is unknown if the ordinance will have any impact on fire rebuilds. It will have an impact on the value of your home if the eventual buyer wants to make the home larger. The July 1 planning commission meeting should be standing room only. Please save your pitchforks and torches for the city council meeting on the subject if it gets that far.

Please join the Malibu CERT Team, City of Malibu and Public Safety Commission at the Trancas Country Market on Saturday the 15th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for the Malibu Safety and Preparedness Expo, featuring demonstrations, informational presentations, first responders, emergency supplies, dolphin stickers for your vehicles and much more.  See the ad in this paper for a list of the generous sponsors and more information.

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