Letter: Water Project Truths

In response to a story about our proposed water project, here are the facts:

1. It’s not true that the City’s attempting to impose a special assessment district tax. We’re merely asking the City to let us vote; whether the district passes is entirely up to us.

2. It’s not true that people will lose their homes or life savings. Those choosing to sell their property will pocket the proceeds.

3. It’s absurd to claim that this will cost our neighborhood $78 million. The high-side estimates average less than $155,000 per parcel for water, gas, telecom and road resurfacing. Experts expect the actual cost to come in 10-20% less.

4. THHOA Inc. has never fraudulently represented itself as anything other than what it is: a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation. It’s not true that we’ve appeared before the Coastal Commission, it’s not true that the corporation is owned by two individuals, and it’s not true that we’re a for-profit corporation. Contrary to claim, every member of the corporation has been a neighborhood property owner, membership has always been open to anyone wanting to volunteer on this project.

5. Vitoil Inc. is generously donating land for our tank site and paying for the fire department access road. Technically, it’s part of our project, but Vitoil is covering the cost. We’re volunteers working to bring water and other much- needed benefits to our neighborhood, spending more than a decade working through the bureaucratic morass, exploring all the alternatives to get this project done as quickly, efficiently, reliably and as affordably as possible.


We’re the ones who’ve acceded to cost concerns by dropping the undergrounding option, reducing project costs by 25%. And we’re the ones arranging one final town hall meeting before we ask the City to let us vote—a meeting where both sides can present their case (only this time, letting the experts be present to answer questions which come up).

The meeting will be take place Tuesday, April 29, at 7 p.m. at Malibu West Swim Club.

Eric Myer

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