PCH Projects In Malibu



  • Grade slide area and maintain retaining wall at Las Flores Canyon Road.


  • Resurface from Topanga Canyon Road to Paradise Cove Road, except for Pier area, where Edison is making improvements (May — July 1999)
  • Roadway rehabilitation from Paradise Cove Road to Ventura County line (September 1999 to September 2000)
  • Rainline striping system (median), Topanga Canyon Road to County Line
  • Signal upgrade and install traffic management system tied to downtown (September 1999 — September 2001), including:
  • Traffic signal upgrade at Las Flores Canyon Road, Webb Way, Malibu Road
  • Video detection at Las Flores Canyon Road, Cross Creek, Webb Way, Malibu Canyon Road
  • Fiber optic cable and highway advisory radio at Big Rock Drive, Malibu Canyon Road, Heathercliff Road
  • Closed-circuit TV on Topanga Canyon/ PCH, John Tyler Drive, Kanan Dume Road, Bush Drive, Morning View Drive and Trancas Canyon

Future projects

  • Improvement pavement markings, adding left turn arrow on traffic signal, and moving the crosswalk at Malibu Canyon Road
  • Coastal embankment correction, slope stabilization, and drainage correction from McClure Tunnel to Busch Drive
  • Realign Zumirez Drive (city project with Caltrans approval)

Sources: Caltrans, Malibu City Manager Harry Peacock