Sirens: Malibu Crime Report May 2–7

Crime Report

The following incidents were reported between May 2 – 7:


Bike heist

A bicycle worth $6,000 was stolen from a bike rack on Coastline Drive. The suspect was described as male Hispanic, approximately 180 pounds and 20 years of age wearing a white sweatshirt and black jeans. The suspect was seen removing the bicycle from the bike rack and riding eastbound on Coastline Drive.

Computer crime

An Apple laptop worth $1,100 was stolen from a vehicle parked on Dume Drive. The victim left his vehicle unlocked for a few hours and, upon return, the laptop was missing from the front passenger side seat. There were no surveillance cameras available for evidence. 



Vehicle theft

A rental vehicle was stolen from Pacific Coast Highway near Las Flores Canyon Road. The victim said he left his wallet in the center console. His visa credit card was used at an ARCO gas station in Malibu. The suspect then attempted to purchase something online but the purchase was declined. The responding deputy was unable to obtain security footage from the gas station. 



Fob folly

A key fob worth $1,500 was stolen from a vehicle parked inside a gated residence on PCH. The victim said she left the vehicle unlocked prior to the incident. The victim said there are surveillance cameras but would provide the footage at a later time.



Art heist

An abstract painting worth $10,000 was stolen from a rental home in Malibu. The victim believes the suspects were the renters between April 7 and May 6. The victim also noticed her sliding door and locked closet were tampered with; however, nothing was missing. 

Double trouble

An estimated $1,219 worth of cosmetics were stolen from CVS Pharmacy on Malibu Road. The suspects were described as two Black females wearing facial coverings. One suspect was wearing a dress and had red hair. The suspects were seen on surveillance footage placing items in their bags, walking out the store and into a vehicle. The deputy was unable to see the license plate due to low video quality.



Beach burglar

A vehicle parked on La Piedra Beach was broken into and credit cards and $300 in cash were stolen. The victim received a notification that a $900 purchase was made at a Walmart. The bank overturned all charges and the victim canceled his credit cards and reported them stolen. The damage to the lock was estimated to cost $200 to repair.

Card caper

A vehicle was broken into at Zuma Beach and multiple credit cards, an iPhone and $950 in cash were stolen. The victim left his key fob above the driver’s side wheel, went swimming and, upon return, the key fob was missing and his vehicle was ransacked. The victim received a phone call from his bank saying a purchase of $3,328 was made at a Nordstrom at The Grove. There was an attempted purchase of $8,000, which was declined. The deputy contacted Nordstrom’s loss prevention and they said they would provide the surveillance footage of the suspect using the card.

Tool time

A vehicle was broken into near Paradise Cove and $590 worth of tools were stolen. The victim said the driver side door was damaged and was unable to insert his key. The lock was estimated to cost $300 to repair. 

Tool time strikes again

An estimated $550 worth of tools were stolen from a vehicle parked near Paradise Cove. The victim was unable to turn the key and noticed the key lock was damaged. The damage to the lock was estimated to cost $300 to repair.